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bizAmica Software

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bizAmica, started in 2017, is focused on providing data science & analytics related services, voice + text bots, product engineering services (end-to-end design, development, and testing) and cross-platform mobility solutions for their clients.

Key Offerings:
Data Science and Analytics involving data exploration, data visualization and machine learning algorithms for modeling and analysis across domains like BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Legal and Manufacturing.
Build voice + text bots for various domains and functions.

e-Learning solutions by providing web application development, mobile development, and data analytics services.
Digital Transformation using Java, MEAN, MERN stacks, mobility, cloud and data analytics. We build high-quality products and enhance business value.

Our team of UX and UI experts, technical architects, data scientists, data analysts, software engineers, test engineers, and scrum masters are experienced to work with global clients. The management team has experience of adding value to our customers by helping to increase their revenue, improve time to market for their products, improve efficiency and reduce cost through automation having domain expertise.

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