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DeepX is an R&D-intensive and innovation-driven consortium led by DEEPXTECH S.R.L. Italy, Covijn Ltd (“Co-vision project”) the United Kingdom, and AIMech Technologies (“Omnidetector” product) the United States, that provides Artificial Intelligence-powered Computer Vision solutions for businesses, empowering medium-sized and large enterprise companies with advanced AI-driven solutions since 2018.
DeepX utilizes the latest technologies and Artificial Intelligence to solve business challenges in the areas of:

Activity monitoring and surveillance
Robotic observation and quality control
Access control, security, and safety monitoring
Image and video processing, information retrieval, and analysis
Blockchain-based distributed, and secure data storage
Situational awareness and 3D scene reconstruction
Human performance and identity recognition
On-demand video intelligence
Computer Vision is bringing innovation across all industry verticals. At DeepX, we are making it possible for industry leaders in the fields of:

Parking Lot Companies
Healthcare and Health Products
Logistics, Warehousing, and Storage

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United States, Italy, United Kingdom